About the Ranch

Founded in 2006 by trainer Janelle Scott, Soaring Dreams raises expectations as an English Riding Facility for all ages. Soaring Dream's vision is to fulfill dreams through riding and instilling important principles and life lessons into youth through working with horses. We value community, teamwork and camaraderie, while pursuing students' dreams in riding and showing. What makes the barn truly unique is that the bond of friendship students form and the trust with the horses lasts a lifetime. Soaring Dreams Ranch is a full service hunter/jumper barn for beginners through 3' level.


Every championwas once a contender who never gave up!

Here at Soaring Dreams Ranch...

Work hard- Don’t give up! No quitting! Work through frustrations, disappointments, difficulties...riding is a sport! It takes hard work to reach your goals and live your dreams!

Good attitude- Always have a good attitude, even when something goes wrong...learn from the hard to build character and become a better person!

Cowgirl Up- Absolutely no pouting, complaining, or crying. (Unless due to an extreme injury, there’s no room for tears!)

Be respectful- Treatment of the horses, other students, parents, trainer, people at shows, etc should be with high respect...it’s a privilege to ride horses.

Keep on learning- You never know everything! There’s always something to learn! Horses are amazing teachers!

Be a good role model- Every student should keep in mind that everyone is looking for a good example...you never know when someone is watching you and thinking “I want to be just like her!”

G-rated- We maintain an atmosphere of “G-rated”...language, topics, actions, attitudes, etc.

Invest in others- Phones are to be put away when you are at the barn...spend your time with others! No gossiping! It takes being a friend to get a friend!

Responsibility- Horses are a big responsibility! It’s up to you to properly take care of the horse and equipment at the barn and at shows, don’t expect your parents or others to do it for you. Handle your responsibilities with care and thoroughness!

Be honest- Being dishonest doesn’t get you far in life. Take responsibility for your actions. Live a life of integrity!!

We are a team- Cheer each other on! We maintain a positive environment at the barn and at shows. Support your teammates, be there for one another. Give encouragement often!!! Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!